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DNA Identifiers DNA Test Options Available in Drain

Paternity Testing - Father DNA Test

Siblingship DNA Test - Brother and or Sister DNA Testing

Siblingship Testing simply means to \"establish the probability of relationship between brothers and sisters\". This type of DNA test involves testing two or more people who potentially share the same biological parent or parents.

Maternity Testing - Mother DNA Test

Family DNA Reconstruction Testing

Reconstruction Testing establishes multiple types of Family relationships. In cases where a suspected Mother or Father are deceased, missing, or unavailable to participate in genetic testing, Family Reconstruction can be used to establish the probability of biological relationships between multiple people.

Twin DNA Test - Twin Zygosity Testing

A Twin Zygosity Test determines whether the Zygote split into two or started out as two different fertilized eggs. DNA Identifiers lab test will prove with absolute certainty that Twins are Fraternal when the DNA alleles of each Twin are dizygous (different). When the DNA alleles are of each Twin are identical, the probability of monozygosity is greater than 99.99%.

Immigration DNA Testing

Embassies require DNA testing when a familial relationship is in question. Typically the embassy will notify the sponsor, generally a family member, and beneficiary that DNA testing is needed. One of our knowledgeable Case Managers will arrange an appointment for the sponsor to have his/her DNA sample collected, either by buccal swab or blood draw. A copy of the immigration paperwork, including the case number, must be provided at the time of sample collection. Supplies are then sent to the embassy who then arranges a sample collection appointment for the beneficiary. Once all the samples are received in our laboratory, we begin the testing process. Test turnaround time is dependent on the type of test required and type of samples submitted. Original results are sent directly to the embassy.

Legal vs. Non-legal DNA Paternity Testing

One of the biggest misconceptions about DNA testing is the "Legal" option. When deciding to purchase any DNA test there is one very important decision to make: Legal or Non-Legal. The difference between the two options is explained below.

Legal DNA Test

A "Legal" DNA Test can be used as evidence in a court of law. If for any reason now, or in the future, you will need to use the DNA results for a legal matter, be it child support or custody, immigration or inheritance claims, you should purchase a "Legal" DNA Test.

What makes the DNA Test "Legal"?

A Legal DNA Test is administered by an authorized third party (the witness) through chain-of-custody documentation, thereby making the results admissible in a court of law. DNA Identifiers provides that third party service - we are able to prove that the results will be absolute and can be relied upon as "fact" in a court of law.

Non-Legal DNA Test

A "Non-Legal" DNA Test means that it cannot be used in a court of law as evidence and in strictly for "your knowledge only". In most cases, this test is the most frequently advertised online. However, DNA Identifiers can provide you with a do it yourself at home DNA Testing Kit (non-legal). If you purchase a non-legal test, at no time can it be converted to a legal test; you will have to purchase another "Legal" test.

Important Notice

Beware of other DNA Labs You get what you pay for. Not all tests and genetic laboratories are created equally. There are many *new* labs popping up every day tring to make a quick buck out of this relatively new technology. You will notice some tests are advertised for a very low price and most of those tests are "Non-Legal", meaning you can't use them in a court of law. However, it is quite possible that the quality of that test will be very poor and the results will not be conclusive, after all, the geneticist being paid for their superior work is going to cost a little more. In fact, many other labs perform minimal testing; it is very possible for random matches of common genes to show incorrect results. If you and I were tested, we would share some common genes, and with minimal testing it is possible to incorrectly show that we are related just becuase of those "random" or "common" matches.

Minimal testing can also show a low accuracy, which can yeild inconclusive results. You need to know this becuase it is typical, in the industry, for a lab to hide a disclaimer on the back of the consent form. The disclaimer will typically read, "There is a possibility of error or omission...". This information is not disclosed to you and IS NOT what you want from your DNA Testing lab.

DNA Identifiers' laboratory has been a leader in the industry for close to two decades. We will test 16 genetic sites and the accuracy is over one million times greater than most State and Federal Government standards. DNA Identifiers' DNA Test results, legal or non-legal, are guaranteed for absolute accuracy. Any Legal test will be guaranteed, as well as notarized, and available to use in any court of law.

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