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We are a mobile and clinical DNA testing and collections company. We provide the highest quality, private and confidential DNA testing services in locations such as the privacy of your own home, collection facilities or clinics, or the location of your choice, such as hospitals, lawyers offices, local libraries or funeral homes and more! We conduct testing in places that most services providers can not. And we are able to beat almost all competitors' prices! Please click any of the cities listed on the right for additional information specific to that area.

When you choose DNA Identifiers as your service provider for DNA testing, you will be rewarded with many important and necessary benefits:


Our mobile service is the best way to conduct a legal DNA collection in absolute privacy. An appointed collector will discretely meet you at the location of your choice in an unmarked vehicle to perform the sample collection and paperwork. Therefore, there is no need to sit in a waiting room at a clinic or draw site. Your results will also remain private - only those being tested and those whom you appoint will have access to the results. We will only send the results to locations and agencies that you appoint in writing.


Based on your location and needs, appointments are set at your convenience, day or night, 7 days a week.


On average, clients who purchase parentage DNA Tests are notified with accurate test results 2 business days from the date that our laboratory receives your samples. (Parentage DNA tests include father and child, or paternity, mother and child, or maternity; grandmother and grandfather and child or grandparents and child.) Samples are sent to the laboratory via overnight express delivery (UPS or FedEx). 1 day RUSH results for parentage testing are available for an additional fee. Sibling DNA test result turn around is, on average, 5 to 7 business days.

Painless DNA Sample Collection

Most DNA samples, and all legal paternity, maternity and child DNA samples are obtained by using a cotton-tipped cheek swab. Along with cheek swabs, deceased testing requires head hair samples (with root) as a backup DNA specimen to the cheek swab. In non-legal (private) and forensic DNA tests, we will accept items such as toothbrushes, blood, semen, head hair with root, pubic hair with root, clothing, urine, bone, fingernails, whole blood or FTA blood cards. Blood, cheek cells (buccal cells), skin cells (epithelial cells), and every cell in the human body, contains the same genetic information. There is a higher concentration of DNA in blood, which is why, in some cases such as a large family reconstruction case, blood is preferred but not demanded. If blood is taken from a living person, a finger prick, which is the same as a diabetic finger prick, which is performed with a small lancet (special needle) or with a spring-loaded lancet device that punctures the fingertip quickly. The drops of blood are then placed on an FTP card and shipped to our lab.

Reliable Collection Service

DNA Identifiers and their qualified, thoroughly trained collectors use strict chain of custody documentation in court admissible legal cases. The utmost attention to quality is performed with the client checking and initialing each step as we work. We also check identification and take a photo of each participant. Minors do not need to show identification.

Competitive Prices

DNA Identifiers prices are among the most competitive prices in the industry despite their premium quality DNA tests and standards. Furthermore, if you use our mobile services, DNA Identifiers saves you time, money, gas and travel expenses and keeps you safely in the privacy of your own home. Furthermore, by choosing our mobile service, you will not have to pay a collection specimen fee, or draw fee, that you will at most clinics and draw sites.

Confidential Results

DNA Identifiers is committed to providing you with the most discrete service and reliable results available. For your protection, results will only be released with prior written authorization and instruction. Under NO circumstances will your DNA information be shared with any unauthorized third party. You may choose to receive your immediate results by phone, fax, email, USPS, express mail or any combination of your choosing. Official guaranteed, notarized court admissible documents will be securely mailed to the location of your choice.

Reputable Laboratories

DNA Identifiers is contracted with multiple AABB + accredited laboratories that specialize in certain areas: parentage, immigration, sibling testing, forensics, ancestry, etc. Our AABB accredited parentage testing laboratory is one of the leaders in the DNA testing industry, has 20 years of DNA testing experience, and utilizes the most advanced and powerful testing methods available today. The DNA testing process is so stringent that it offers between a 99.9 to a 99.999999% conclusive (positive) parentage result. Using this technology, the level of accuracy is over one million times greater than state and federal standards and is significantly higher than many tests performed at other, less expensive and less qualified laboratories.

Laboratory Accreditations

The word "Accreditation" means: To give official authorization to or approval of, to recognize or vouch for as conforming to a standard practice and to consider or recognize as outstanding - Merriam Webster.

DNA Identifiers' Laboratories have been awarded top accreditations by the following agencies:

Peace Of Mind

When you select DNA Identifiers as your service provider, you can be absolutely positive that you are receiving a first class, highly accredited, reliable service from a company that cares about it's clients. We understand that the results of your DNA test can be life altering and we encourage you to ask questions. Plus, DNA Identifiers understands the emotional and personal nature of your situation and will treat you with privacy and respect that you deserve.

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